Blackout is inspired by old point and click escape games and my experience during a power outage. 

Blackout is an experimental game without a clear direction or ending. Players explore the apartment until they come across the fuse box. However, upon clicking on the switches there is no response and the power doesn't come on. Players then can continue to explore until they stop playing the game. 



Sugar Shock

Collaboration with Viditya Voleti. 

Sugar Shock is a game inspired by advertisement games of the 80's like "Kool-Aid Man" by Kool-Aid or "Chase the Chuck Wagon" by Purina Dog Food. We aimed to create a game with an advertiser-friendly narrative, easy to pick up gameplay, and positive "health" facts about the fictional cereal Sugar Shock.

In the new Sugar Shock game players control the beloved Shocky™ on a totally tubular adventure reliving customers' amazing experience buying Sugar Shock Cereal™. Shred on milky waves, feed the hungry parents, and get the Sugar Shock Cereal to the kids! On the way you'll learn about all the healthy benefits you get from a balance breakfast of Sugar Shock Cereal™.

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True Story

Collaboration with Kaley Blackwell, Elizabeth Saylor, and Raya Zimon. 

True Story is a game inspired by the Shel Silverstein poem of the same name. Players take control of a protagonist as she travels through three different worlds reenacting her fantastical story. Dive through waterfalls, climb vines, dodge bandits, and run away from forest monsters in order to see how her story ends.